Taverna RAMO
-italian restaurant (Matsuyamachi, Osaka)

bench / vinyl leather seat and wooden frame


wooden mosaic table top

detail of table top

slide door system / oiled vintage lumber with antique brass handle


arm sofa / vinyl leather seatand back with wooden frame




-boutique (Fukuchiyama-shi, Kyoto)

cashier counter / solid american black cherry, oil finish

detail of cashier counter

cashier counter top


antique finished steel frame with grasses


oiled ceder outoside and melamin inside


waxed steel base


oiled oak plywood


white painted steel frame and qntique finished wooden boards with casters



detail of antique finished wooden board


black skin steel with antique finished wooden boards







-apparel brand's showroom (Sanuki-shi, Kagawa)

open shelf / vintage finished solid shelf, vintage chair, truks, books, lamp and other junk items


open shelf 2


detail of piled books and drawer


bench / scrap wood seat with parts of vintage chairs


detail of bench



closet / linden plywood body with vintage chest , brass pipe


closet with clothes


detail of bottom of closet


sofa / scrapwood body with fabric seat and cushions





sofa table / vintage trunk with antique processed iron casters








Silver and Gold - Umeda Store
- boutique (Umeda , Osaka)

Teak shelf with steel ladder


Solid oak shelf with casters


Glass show case


Antique finished oak shelf


detail of oak shelf



Cashier counter


cabinet with drawers / nyato plywood, clear finish


Wall rack with brass pipe










-boutique (nakagyou-ku Kyoto)

open shelf / vintage chair, table, ladder and old books with waxed antique wood shelfs


detail of Open Shelf


Speker Cabinet / vintage spekers and amplifier with casters



Speaker Cabinet (front side


detail of speaker cabinet


amp cabinet / old musical amplifiers with casters


amp cabinet (front side)


Cashier Counter / antique processed lauan wood body


Closet / antique processed ceder wood body, cloth draped back










-boutique (nakagyou-ku, KYOTO)

cashier counter / antique processed pine with antique handles


closet / painted rawan plywood with vintage brass handles







Silver and Gold - Yotsubashi
boutique (Chuuouku OsSAKA)

open shelf / teak plywood body on steel bace with casters
Hanger rack / waxed steel pipe with casters


chandelier /old root of wood, lights


display table / waxed solid ash, top and legs


open shelf / clear finished old cabbage boxes










hair salon (Takamatsu KAGAWA)

arm chair / larch plywood, clear finish



arm sofa / old lumber body with fabric sea and backt



counter table / ash plywood body with vintage industorial iron leg
door / oil finished solid ceder with antique knob


display shelf / nyatoh plywood, clea finish)


bench / zelkova plywood with waxed sttel flatbar


dresser / larch plywood back with painted ash table


salon sofa









Silver and Gold - Minamisenba
boutique (Chuuouku OSAKA)

cashier counter / steel frame with casters, antique finished pine body and top


steel frame with antique finished solid pine shelves


grass showcase / steel frame with clear grasses


fixed double hanger






Pro Style
real estate (Chuuou-ku OSAKA)

sofa 2 seater / steel leg, solid ash body and fabric seat


sofa table / solid ash legs and ashu plywood top, clear finish


table / stainless legs with laminate top

chair / steel legs, fabric seat and bech plywood back



counter stool / steel legs with vinyl leather seat



round stool / stainless steel legs with vinyl leather seat











-boutique (Takamatsu KAGAWA)

hanger rack / painted steel ‚†‚’ame with linden plywood shelf and leather belt


display table / steel leggs with ash top


hanger rack / steel f‚’ame


pall hanger







-used clothing store (Chuuou-ku, OSAKA)

cashier counter / cilicone calcium board
designed for abc - used clothing store (Osaka)


display table / white painted top with black painted steel legs
hanger rack / painted steel






sofa and tables / vinyl leather coated sofa and stained nyatoh able
designed for ROSSO MUSICA (Italian bar in Osaka)







outdoor sign board with lamp / stained pine and plastic shade
(designed for Capitolo 2)


detail of lamp shade





scrap wood table
designed and manufactured for Gettry OSAKA



table and bench
designed and made for Gettry KOBE