Furniture made for personal residence


side board / oiled teak and antique handles



side board, drawers and doors



side board


side board, detail of handles




sofa table with 2 drwers / stained and clear finished nyatoh plywood top and solid legs

detail of leg

AV rack / stained ceder top ,shelf and drawer boxes with waxed steel frame with casters


working desk / waxed solid oak with light



desk and caster wagon



desk and caster wagon and book shelf / waxed solid oak



bed frame with head board / waxed solid oak frame and linden plywood



storage box with casters.
white laminate top can be used as a table




cabinet with drawers / clear finished ash body with white melamin drwers.





cabinet with drawers







AV board / clear finished cherry plywood



ceiling light / pine and acryl





chest with drawers / clear finished solid sen




nest table / stained ash plywood



night table / clear finished walnut plywood top and drwer with black painted MDF body


view with drwer opened


diagonal view







dining table / oil stained and clear finished nyatoh



dining table, folded top





stained ash plywood body







AV board and sideboard and cabinet / clear finished olive plywood





console table / staioned ash